Who We Are

AMS Baeshen & Co. is the one of the first and most enduring Saudi Companies, Which has transformed over the years from a traditional family business into a modern closed joint stock  corporation. The company is well known for its flagship brand “Rabea” tea amongst others, and is proud to be referred to as “House of Quality Teas”- Specialized in innovating & producing different blends, formats and packages. Having its own tea factory in Jeddah, & with machinery that can produce up to 400 teabags per minute, AMSB owns the biggest tea factory and the only tea lab in Saudi Arabia.

AMSB is well-known not only for putting quality products on supermarket shelves, but for providing the market with a unique, innovative taste of their favorite hot beverage with more than a century of experience in the Arabian marketplace, it has also earned a reputation for breaking new grounds in marketing, manufacturing, quality and other business practices. This modern operation and innovation is supported.



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