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Rabea Tea

Named one of the top 100 Saudi brands in 2013, Rabea rightly lays claim to the slogan “The Authentic House of Teas.”

In Addition, “Extra Strong” Rabea Tea has also won the highly commended prize at Gulfood Awards 2014 in the Best New Beverage Product Category.  Over the years, its product line has expanded to meet the needs of the diverse taste profiles of the region. The brand’s distinct packaging is prominently displayed in supermarkets across the Kingdom.  Rabea was trademarked in 1971 as a long-leaf tea grown and packed in Sri Lanka. It was originally shipped to and sold in Saudi Arabia in wooden caskets.

Today, Rabea is a blend of teas from various growing regions around the world and is sold in supermarkets in containers specially designed to ensure freshness and continued purity of flavor.

Abu Jabal

One of Saudi Arabia’s most iconic brand names, Abu Jabal has been available in the Saudi market since 1920

when it was sourced and packed exclusively in Sri Lanka.

Highly popular since its debut almost 100 years ago, Abu Jabal still sets the standard for long-leaf in Saudi Arabia and is the main reason that AMS Baeshen & Co. continues to command a significant position in the premium long leaf loose tea market.

Al Nahla

One of the top selling cubed sugar in Saudi arabia, Bee comes in regular cubes,

 mini cubes and novelty-shaped cubes, distinguishing it from all other brands on the market. AMS Baeshen sources the high-quality sugar from France, Belgium and Germany, where the unique hard cubes are packed and then shipped to the Kingdom.

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It’s great to be part of a company that has over 100 years of expertise in the tea industry! We have a collaborative culture with a unique team spirit that aims at offering the best for the tea lovers.