AMS Baeshen & Co.

The visit of the Kenyan delegation to the factory of AMSB


In the context of developing relations and exchanging experiences in the field of the tea industry, the Tea Council, and the Kenya Tea Development Agency with a selection of Kenyan tea companies and representatives from the “Embassy of the Republic of Kenya” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited the tea factory of “AMSB” in Jeddah, which is considered the largest tea manufacturing plant in the Kingdom.

The delegation was headed by the Chairman of the Executive Council of the Kenya Tea Council, “Mrs. Peris Watau Mudida“. The delegation was also accompanied by consultants and experts from the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, and they were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Mr. Osama Ahmad Baeshen” and the Vice Chairman, “Mr. Ahmed Abdel Kader Baeshen“, and the CEO of the company, “Eng. Ahmad Omar Munshi“, where the Kenyan delegation was accompanied on a tour getting introduction about the factory and the company’s unique tea laboratory. Both parties reviewed future cooperation opportunities in tea manufacturing, and the possible facilitation offered by the Kenyan’s government for investors in Kenyan’s tea market, where the delegation praised with the high standards at the laboratory to ensure the selection of the best tea products and to ensure the quality of taste and flavor in products provided to consumers. The delegation also expressed their admiration of the packing zones inside the factory and the steps adopted in the production lines to ensure the safety of products insuring delivering the consumers a high-quality product.


Worth to mention that Baeshen Factory is well known for producing and packing Rabea and Abu Jabal tea, which considered as one of the (to be deleted, 2 brands not one) pioneering brands in Saudi Arabia tea market since 1920.