Innovation at AMS Baeshen & Co.

AMS Baeshen & Co. is well-known not only for putting quality products on supermarket shelves, but for providing the market with a unique, innovative taste of their favorite hot beverage With more than a century of experience in the Arabian marketplace, it has also earned a reputation for breaking new grounds in marketing, manufacturing and business practices.

While still in its infancy, AMS Baeshen & Co distinguished itself with the introduction of Abu Jabal, the first locally branded tea on the market. Abu Jabal is emblematic of the company’s commitment to building in-house brands as tent poles for its commercial portfolio and was followed by Bee Sugar which, like Abu Jabal, continues to enjoy significant success within its market sector today.

With the registration of Rabea Tea in 1969, AMS Baeshen & Co. made its first move towards becoming “The House of Quality Teas.” As Saudi Arabia’s population steadily increased, individual tastes began to vary and Baeshen endeavored to satisfy them all. The Rabea brand expanded to provide a full range of teas while introducing innovative packaging designed to preserve both flavor and freshness.

The tea factory made new products possible, as well. With machinery capable of producing up to 400 tea bags a minute, Rabea Premium, the company’s first tea bag brand, was introduced in 1998, and was soon followed by Rabea Express in the year 2000.
Guaranteed freshness and purity of flavor are the goals of all marketers of perishable products, especially those in the tea industry. Again, AMS Baeshen & Co. has taken the lead among tea companies by introducing innovative packaging designed to ensure freshness and flavor. Rabea tea bags were the first in the world to be wrapped in foil to ensure freshness. Today, no matter the tea bag count in a package is, tea bags are foil-wrapped in groups of 25 before being boxed. This technique, a Baeshen original, has now been adopted by other tea companies worldwide.

Finally, AMS Baeshen & Co. has taken a step into the future by implementing the latest and most advanced enterprise resource planning system (ERP) by Oracle that integrates and automates all business processes within the company. Now, the company’s representatives, be they top-level managers and their support units or on-the-road salesmen, enjoy easy access to company information that can make their jobs and the company itself a modern, efficiently run business entity.